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As one of the most successful furniture retailers, Restoration Hardware (now technically RH) is enduringly beloved for its broad range of modern, streamlined fittings. Find RH accent chairs that take a fresh approach to traditional style. With a cozy form and nostalgic form, Restoration Hardware sofas are built to take center stage in a family room. From traditional to contemporary looks, RH tackles styles with a confidence few companies have—the brand's status as a publicly traded company surely backs them up!

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Gently-loved, secondhand Restoration Hardware is a modestly chic addition to any home. And, as you're browsing our collection, be assured that you're only looking at hand-vetted, designer-grade items. Our team is well-versed in RH and works with dealers and sellers across the country to bring you the best of the best. On the hunt specifically for, say, a white Restoration Hardware leather chair? Our finely tuned search tools help you sort by color, style, cost, and more. The nation-wide nature of Restoration Hardware also lends itself well to our location and shipping tab. Input your postal code and browse through options close to you. Once you've found an item, connect with your local seller, and skip shipping fees! Looking for more contemporary brands? Try Pottery Barn or CB2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Restoration Hardware furniture made in China?

While some of Restoration Hardware's furniture is made in China, the company also sources products from other countries, including the United States, Italy, Indonesia, and India. The origin of each piece varies depending on the specific product and collection.

Is Restoration Hardware the same as Pottery Barn?

No, Restoration Hardware (or RH, its official name) and Pottery Barn are separate companies with different ownership. Although both brands offer home furnishings and decor, they have distinct styles and target markets.

What style furniture is Restoration Hardware?

Restoration Hardware is known for its luxurious, high-end furniture that combines classic and contemporary elements. Their collections often feature a mix of industrial, vintage, and modern styles, with an emphasis on neutral colors and natural materials.

Where are Restoration Hardware lights made?

Restoration Hardware lighting is manufactured in various locations worldwide, including China, India, and the United States. The company works with a network of suppliers and artisans to create their distinctive light fixtures.