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Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

An envelope pusher if there ever was one, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Furniture (or MGBW as its now commonly known) was founded in the late 1980s by Bob Williams and (yes, you guessed it!) Bob Williams. From the get-go, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Furniture was a notch above the competition. In addition to nailing contemporary silhouettes and premium comfort, Mitchell Gold Furniture was also dedicated to bringing pet and kid-friendly designs to the market—a relative first at that time! With their own bulldog, Lulu, as the unofficial face of the brand, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams built a rep as a brand dedicated to heard-wearing, multi-functional furniture that looked like anything but. Among their early signatures were slipcovered furniture pieces (just unzip and wash those problems out!) and sleeper sofas. Along the way, the brand also developed a tongue-in-cheek image with a series of editorial advertisements featuring dressed-down models doing some heavy lounging on Michel Gold Sofas and Mitchell Gold Chairs. The tagline which accompanied many of the advertisements: “Some People Just Know How to Live,” became indicative of a brand that knew how to not only design top-notch furniture, but have fun a little with it too. As MGBW progressed into the new millennium (still stationed in North Carolina along greats like Baker and Lee Industries), they began to further flesh out the Mitchell Gold Furniture offerings, adding more luxury pieces to their hard-working core line up. Today, MGBW is know just as much for their curved velvet sectionals as their slipcovered ones, proving that Mitchell Gold Furniture is really for everyone.