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Trying to get the ultimate comfort experience? That’s exactly what Ekornes ASA has been doing since 1934. The first furniture manufacturer in Norway, Ekornes has invested decades into research and engineering, combining traditional processes with technological advancements to create exceptional furniture of luxury, quality, and of course, class. Ekornes eventually built its way to becoming the largest furniture manufacturer in Scandinavia. Founder Jens Ekornes started with the basics, changing the traditional design of furniture springs to make them more lightweight and versatile. Eventually, the company shifted toward more general furniture production with mid-century modern and Scandinavian styles. In 1971, Ekornes launched its iconic Stressless recliner, with patented technology designed to offer consumers with the optimal user experience. Today, the Stressless line has expanded to include recliners, sofas, chairs, and tables that still champion the same dedication to comfort. Ekornes pulls inspiration from all types of design, from fashion to architecture, creating pieces that are both classic and trendy. With exclusive Ekornes designers, every member of the team is devoted to ensuring consumers receive only the highest-quality products. Each product goes through an extensive screening process. It can take up to several years before a piece can enter the market with the Ekornes name. So rest assured that no matter if it’s an Ekornes recliner or an Ekornes sofa, that piece of furniture is here to stay. And for an added bonus: Ekornes is committed to minimizing their ecological footprint, reducing waste by reusing materials for practical purposes, so you can rest with complete and total ease.