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Want to own furniture that Michelle and Barack Obama lounged in? While perhaps getting items direct from the White House itself might just be a tad bit difficult (we hear the security is tight around there), you can definitely recreate it. The gorgeous White House Green Room, for example, has a striped Duncan Phyfe sofa. There is more from where this stunning sofa came from (think Duncan Phyfe cabinets, sofas, tables, chairs and so much more). Born in Scotland, Duncan Phyfe moved to New York in 1784 to be a cabinetmaker’s apprentice. By 1794, the padawan had become the master and Phyfe opened his own business to great success. Duncan Phyfe’s style became the New York local style and his patrons included some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the city. Strong interest in the Duncan Phyfe style existed not just during Phyfe's lifetime, but continued across centuries, with the Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicating an exhibition to his work in both 1922 and 2011. Like the famous striped Duncan Phyfe sofa, the symmetry and style of a Duncan Phyfe table or a Duncan Phyfe chair stands the testimony of time. A Duncan Phyfe table will look just as fabulous in your Mid-Century Modern living room or with your British Colonial furniture. Add Duncan Phyfe furniture to your home and make it even more fabulous or invest in a statement piece and watch it transform your digs effortlessly. Remember: it's not just us; the White House thinks so too!