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Looking for used Crate and Barrel furniture? Here at Chairish, we curate a greatest hits collection of used Crate and Barrel design. From classic Crate & Barrel items like modern sofas and leather lounge chairs, to discontinued dinnerware and decor, our inventory spans the spectrum, so you never know what you’ll find. Discover furniture in all of Crate & Barrel’s distinctive styles, including modern, contemporary, industrial, and postmodern. On the hunt for something specific like a used Crate and Barrel couch? Shop with us to discover a wide array of options, sourced from consigners located all over the U.S. Get access to furniture being consigned in NYC, San Francisco, and Dallas all without ever leaving home. Unlike other online furniture forums, we also handle payment and shipping for used Crate and Barrel furniture for you — that stands whether you’re buying a candleholder or a credenza! Door-to-door service doesn't mean saying bye-bye to bargaining, however. Use our “Make an Offer” feature on all of our used Crate & Barrel furniture to see if you can strike a deal with the seller and score it for less than list!


Humble beginnings turned out to be Crate & Barrel’s edge, when, out of need, the company’s newlywed founders furnished their first showroom with reused shipping crates and barrels. While the makeshift fixtures didn’t stick, the name did—as did Crate & Barrel’s cool, modern take on home décor basics.

Today, Crate & Barrel ranks among Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware as America’s most beloved interior design brands. A one-stop shop for everything from furniture to bedding, Crate & Barrel is the purveyor of all things minimalist, yet homey. If that sounds like your decorating Namaste, consider Crate & Barrel your design guru. Read on to get to know this master brand better.


After traipsing through Europe on their honeymoon, Gordon and Carole Segal returned to their Chicago home with suitcases full of simple, well-crafted homewares. Upon unpacking, the couple realized that similar goods weren’t available in Chicago, and—cue the entrepreneurial lightbulb—decided to open a boutique solely dedicated to quality, European dishware.

After setting up shop in a converted elevator factory (furnished with that aforementioned crating), the couple quickly gained notoriety—their curation just the right amount of artistry and function. As they grew, the Crate & Barrel brand was able to take on new endeavors, including the addition of new stores and eventually, self-branded merchandise. Today, Crate & Barrel has stores all over the globe and has expanded to include the trendy CB2 line and the Crate & Barrel kids line, The Land of Nod.


In the world of interior retail, sister brands are all the rage and Crate & Barrel is no exception. CB2, Crate and Barrels sister line, takes a fashion-forward approach to design, integrating trends in a bolder way than Crate and Barrel. Even with the editorial edge CB2 offers, prices are aimed at first-time apartment dwellers, making CB2 just about the coolest brand ever.


Consider Crate & Barrel furniture proof that modern furniture needn’t be stark. Although the brand favors minimalist silhouettes, they factor in a subtle element of tradition—be it the wingback-like flare of a sofa, or an armchair’s plush-y padding and earthy upholstery fabric. Design options are plentiful as well. Case in point? There’s no need to settle for a Crate & Barrel sofa for a guest room when you have the option of a Crate & Barrel daybed, sofa chaise, or sofa sleeper too. Prefer a bed in the guest room? Crate & Barrel bed frames are what sweet dreams are made of. Grab a used Crate & Barrel headboard or bed in fabric or wood to give your bedroom a crowning touch. Thanks to their low-key stylings, you’ll also be able to pile on plenty of Crate & Barrel pillows.


When it comes to textiles, Crate & Barrel is known for its reserved geometric prints and every-color-of-the-rainbow solids. Crate & Barrel curtains are beloved for their simplicity, and for good reason—they’re the kind of curtains that you’ll own for a lifetime, capable of sashaying from one room to the next, or enduring a move from a city apartment to a country house. Crate & Barrel rugs are much the same. They may not be statement pieces, but when it comes to providing a solid foundation on which a room can be built, they hit 500. In fact, Crate & Barrel rugs are so versatile that even a novice will have an easy time syncing them up with furniture. If you crave even more print, look for Crate & Barrel vases and Crate & Barrel planters, which often have designs stamped directly into the ceramic. As a bonus, you can fill these planters and vases with foliage, which will add even more texture to a room.


If you crave simple, modernist art for your walls, you won’t be able to supersede Crate & Barrel wall art. Composed of prints, photography, paintings and wall sculptures, Crate & Barrel Wall art is the kind of artwork that will fade pleasantly into the background while undetectably setting a mood. Art compositions are minimalist and frequently stray into the abstract, making them perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. If you desire something a little more glamourous, opt for a Crate & Barrel mirror. Crate & Barrel mirrors come in virtually every shape, from circle to square to starburst. Frames are built out of wood, or are meticulously gilded—but don’t be surprised to stumble across a wild card in a material like mercury glass or brushed steel, either. Looking for something even more unexpected? Try Crate & Barrel shelves. From picture frame ledges to large shelving units, nothing will maximize the function of your room like Crate & Barrel shelving.


In 2001 Crate & Barrel partnered with the kid’s furniture brand, The Land of Nod. Thanks to the partnership’s runaway success, The Land of Nod was wholly absorbed by Crate & Barrel in 2010. As Crate & Barrel’s resident kid’s line, Land of Nod provides playful and trendy furniture that’s ingeniously designed to transition from babyhood to the tween years and beyond. Look for everything from campaign dressers to nightstands with Mid-Century Modern-style details. Love the idea of furniture that you could ship off to your future college grad’s first apartment? Us too. That’s Crate & Barrel kid furniture.