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Blenko Glass

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How to Identify Vintage Blenko Glass

Obsessed with Blenko, but wondering how to know if your vintage Blenko glass is the real deal? Because most Blenko Glass vases and Blenko Glass bowls went unmarked from the early to mid 20th century, it can be hard to know if you’ve scored authentic Blenko. To help, we’ve culled together a few tips on how to identify Blenko Glass. First things first: it’s worth noting that while some Blenko Glass pieces will have a sticker, most will not. Have a sticker-less piece? Head straight for the comprehensive vintage Blenko Glass catalog, available here. For the most serious of Blenko aficionados there are also hard copies available, which catalogue the collections, color by color. Another line of defense against Blenko Glass counterfeits is knowing your Blenko Glass company hallmarks, including shapes and colors. For instance, Blenko Glass vases often feature a ruffled lip or double spouts. That said, if you run across an item you think might be vintage Blenko Glass, but it doesn’t fit the norm, don’t necessarily discount it! Like fellow Mid-Century glassmaker, Kosta Boda Blenko Glass produced experimental pieces from time to time, including one-off prototypes and exclusive small-batch lines for department stores!

Questions & Answers

How many vintage Blenko Glass items does Chairish have in stock?
We have 500+ vintage Blenko Glass items in stock.
What types of Blenko Glass products do you have?
We have a variety of Blenko Glass products in stock, including Decor, Room Accents & Accessories, and Vessels & Vases.
Does Chairish have Blenko Glass items on sale?
Yes! We have 150+ Blenko Glass items on sale.
What are the shipping options for Blenko Glass items?
Blenko Glass items can be shipped to you, and many can be picked up locally.
Can I get free shipping on Blenko Glass items from Chairish?
Yes! Select Blenko Glass items ship for free from Chairish.

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