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Make the most out of your kitchen or dining area with banquette seating, also known as a dining bench. The result feels cozy and more comfortable and delivers more impactful style than a standard set of chairs. That’s not to say you have to select one or the other. Whether you lean modern or toward a retro dining set, a banquette bench visually anchors a table while complementing the versatility chairs offer.

When Might You Want Banquette Seating?

You’re interested in adding a dinette for more casual meals — but want to elevate this corner of your kitchen. You also frequently have guests over, and want to make the most, style and comfort wise, of what most would call limited space. This could be square footage alone or a more angular configuration.

Traditional and corner-style banquettes deliver this through a bench that offers an upholstered place to sit and takes up a full corner or wall. The result avoids a minimal, understated appearance, allows for more legroom and less of a cramped sensation, and, through backless options, creates an illusion of space. At the same time, banquettes aren’t strictly for this type of dining area. Lengths accommodate longer tables and can be pushed underneath once you’ve finished your meal.

Exploring Dining Benches and Banquettes

Banquette seating has been around for decades, both in homes and commercial settings. Thus, if you’re striving to match something to an antique table, you can likely find a dining bench reflecting a similar décor style.

Explore vintage and antique dining table benches now, as well as newer options from practicing artisans and makers. Our curated selection not only presents an adventure you’ve got to explore — and discover many unique pieces along the way — but encourages a more sustainable approach to furniture. Explore contemporary, wood, art deco and more benches now accommodating up to eight or nine individuals.

Questions & Answers

What are the shipping options for dining benches?
Dining benches can be shipped to you, and many can be picked up locally.
Do you carry wood dining benches?
Wood, polyester, and walnut are our most popular dining bench material types.
What are some popular dining bench styles?
Popular dining bench styles are Contemporary, Modern, and Rustic.
Does Chairish have dining benches on sale?
Yes! We have less than 10 dining benches on sale.
Can I get free shipping on dining benches from Chairish?
Yes! Select dining benches ship for free from Chairish.