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Wooden Ladders

Remember how mom always had a sturdy step ladder in the kitchen to reach those high cabinets? Or how dad had one stored somewhere hidden and would unexpectedly swoop in with it and save the day? Whether it is a step ladder to place ornaments on the family Christmas tree or to dust the corners of your ceiling, who doesn’t need a ladder? If you find yourself always dragging chairs to climb up and reach something, a wooden ladder can help you stave off some of that anxiety that comes from wondering if the chair is sturdy enough. Be it for work or for painting your house every spring, a wooden ladder can be a handy tool to help with things around the house. In addition to helping you retrieve things that are out of reach, a step ladder can also be easily styled to look pretty. It can be the perfect stand for your succulents and cacti. The ladder's steps help you conserve space, making it easy to create an impromptu green space in any corner of your home. Bonus! The pots can be easily moved for when you need to use the wooden ladder, making it the perfect solution for someone who needs a ladder but doesn’t have much storage space in their city apartment. Win Win! Want a wooden ladder for purely decorative purposes? We love that too. An old wooden ladder will also add some rustic charm to your living space. A vintage wooden ladder, a neutral toned used rug, some earthen pots and a couple of plants — voila! You have a room that is unpretentious and beautifully rustic. To complete the look, check out vintage rugs on Chairish.