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Don’t let a small apartment be an ergonomic death sentence. With the addition of a small desk, a table lamp, and a office chair you can wedge in a proper workspace just about anywhere. Whether you’re looking to work a small traditional desk into your living room, or you’re on the hunt for a kid’s desk that can be seamlessly integrated into your little one’s bedroom, there are near-infinite possibilities to choose from.

Consider Mid-Century Modern desks if you’re looking for a model with just a few drawers. A common Mid-Century Modern silhouette consists of a desk with a bank of drawers on one side and two single-support legs on the other. The compact form makes it the perfect desk for small spaces, ranging from attic dormers to double-wide hallways. The Danish Modernists, who heralded form meets function, also designed an array of exemplary small desks with drawers. Often crafted of teak, these desks are minimalist, simple, and above all: understated, making it easy to merge one with existing decor. Another small desk style that blends easily with virtually any decor style is the campaign desk. These sleek desks modeled after antique military campaign pieces make excellent kids' desks, especially when decked out in a high-wattage hue like orange or blue.

For those who are more partial to a traditional desk, there are plenty of small writing desks to fit the bill. By definition, writing desks are antique-looking desks with a small surface area designed to be utilized for writing. They usually come outfitted with two to four drawers, but they can also have no drawers at all, in which case they may closely resemble a small table. For those who routinely work on laptops, writing desks can make an ideal contemporary computer desk. If you’re looking for a traditional desk that doesn’t lead with its office connotations, consider a secretary desk. Although secretaries tend to be very vertical, they’re often extremely compact when it comes to their widths. As a bonus, they feature a drop leaf that can be used to conceal its writing desk ledge when not in use. This makes it easy to integrate a desk into a room that's not typically used as an office, such as a living room or bedroom.