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Thoroughly Mod Overman Sweden Office Solutions

Overman Sweden is synonymous with elegant Swedish seating solutions. The brand, which draws its influence from the company founder's technology, developed in the 1950s and 1960s in Scandinavia, is known for its lightweight, durable furniture. Among the pieces we happen to have found and loved, both presently and previously on the site, are sets of high back dining chairs, swivel lounge chairs, tufted seating and a near-infinite selection of others, fit for your office or your home. Peruse our virtual shelves more deeply and you might also discover Overman originals, with club armchairs fit for Don Draper's chic office, brightly upholstered pairs of deep-seated pod chairs and a truly startling array of contemporary shell chairs. New to the MCM craze? Embrace mid-century modernist design with any number of Overman Sweden’s selection of chairs, native to that era yet, thanks to timeless construction and high-quality materials, fully ready for a new era of use.