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Art Deco Mirrors

What is Art Deco? Think of it as a fashionable twist to modernism. It originated in the late 1920s and became a rage in Europe and the US in the 1930s and 1940s. You gotta love a good throwback. If you love the art deco style and want to start small, we recommend an art deco mirror. To be fair, it is a hard job to decorate a plain wall. Think about it, paintings can be expensive and not every wall of the house can be filled with pictures. For example, the entryway. What does one decorate the entryway with? You guessed it! A mirror. And not just any kind, but a beautiful art deco mirror. It’s not just to receive your guests in style, an art deco wall mirror is perfect for you to take a quick last look before you head out as well. Ya know, just to make sure you're looking as fab as you feel before taking on the world. Art deco mirror frames frequently come in gold and silver finishes, making them ideal for adding a touch of bling to your entryway. A vintage art deco mirror can come with a simple, yet striking frame, or an elaborate antique design, so pick whatever fits your bill and your wall. An art deco mirror is also a great addition to the guest bath. Any chance to make your guests feel like stars, right? If you love Art Deco and want to find a style fusion that works beautifully, check out Chinese Art Deco rugs on Chairish.