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Kitchen Islands & Butcherblocks

One design trend you won’t ever see on the chopping block? Vintage kitchen islands and butcher block tables. The perfect solution for kitchens lacking workspace and storage, a butcher block table can be easily placed inside any kitchen to up its functionality and create a natural gathering place. If you’re looking for kitchen islands for sale, the first thing to decide is the shape and size you’re looking for. Butcher block kitchen islands and kitchen work tables can vary greatly in size, so it’s important to consider what size your kitchen can accommodate. Next, choose a style. It’s most common to find butcher block tables in rustic and farmhouse styles, but modern and contemporary styles are increasingly common. Lastly, decide what features you need your vintage kitchen island to have. Storage for cookbooks and pots and pans can be included below for easy access, but storage can also be eliminated for an open leg look, which can up the modern feel (and can also be great for tucking bar stools or counter stools underneath). Another feature you might want to consider on a vintage butcher block? Castors. Depending on your kitchen’s size, the ability to roll your butcher block table out of the way when cooking or entertaining may be a worthwhile feature to invest in.