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Horse Paintings

Calling all the hippophiles. While that’s not a love for hippos (still great), but a love of horses. Who doesn’t love horses? If you dream of getting away to the French countryside, drinking coffee while wild horses run around the farm, here is a simpler way of making your dream come true. Horse Paintings. A horse is such a beautiful animal. A horse’s form and grace are unparalleled. Deservingly so, artists and photographers are obsessed (as are we!) - hence, paintings of horses and horse prints. If you love a more pensive approach to art, get an abstract horse painting. If you are looking for a striking piece of art that will illicit gasps of pleasure, think blue horse paintings (or try Chinoiserie style) or horse racing paintings. Whether you ride horses or just admire them from a distance, an appreciation of the animal is universal. Say Neigh to blank walls and invest in horse paintings. Paintings of horses date quite far back and man has always shown love for horses in art. In a battle or in a more contemporary occupation, love for horses has persisted for many centuries. Post Renaissance period, this love began to be even more celebrated. Horse prints or horse paintings add an element of motion to a room, which gives the room more energy. Perfect for the office or the receiving foyer, these horse paintings have no neighsayers. Looking for the perfect piece of contemporary art for your space? Check out Mid-Century Modern Art on Chairish.