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Vintage Drinking Glasses Fit to Toast With

Browse antique drinking glasses ready to be raised in celebration. It’s a glass-half-full kind of shopping trip that we’re embarking on here. A colorful selection of vintage drinking glasses that spans time periods and styles (you’ll find delightful 1970s drinking glasses alongside retro drinking glasses from all decorative eras in our virtual showroom here) represents an ideal inventory, one chock full of inspiration for projects.

Enough Glitz to Impress the Great Gatsby

Whether you’re seeking the perfect vintage drinking glasses to accompany a lovely, layered tablescape, looking to add finishing touches to a design project for a client, or simply hoping to fill your very own shelves with the kind of unique, vintage glassware sets that they just don’t make like they used to, you’ll find a selection here that’s equal parts elegance, color, and craftsmanship. From olive-green mid-century modern glasses to colorful Moroccan tumblers, vintage cordial glasses, and martini sets of all kinds, our virtual showroom walls are full of vintage drinking glasses for sale. Browse freely and feel free to look — after all, we’re not worried you’ll break anything!