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Dough Bowls

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For Leather Luggage Lovers

Our leather vintage suitcase collections include antique leather and wood trunks, vintage leather jewelry traveling cases, handsome leather travel bags, wardrobe steamer trunks and beautiful hand-tooled leather suitcases. We have suit luggage in leather, and even antique traveling cases for hats. See our hand-painted leather suitcases, vintage Italian train case and Louis Vuitton leather suitcase sets. Browse our collection to discover an antique Chinese leather trunk or a beautifully detailed vintage Gucci leather luggage piece from the 1980s. We have brass-studded leather valises and more.

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Rarely do we carry more than one pre-owned leather suitcase. Our one-of-a-kind collectable leather suitcases make one-of-a-kind gifts for lovers of all things leather. We have seen these suitcases displayed in stacked sets displayed as unique décor in well-appointed homes. Large antique steamer trunks become exquisite coffee tables. Vintage leather saddle bags become the good-looking alternative to ordinary briefcases and computer bags. Or, find a vintage Italian calfskin leather attaché case. If you’re a collector of French-made leather luggage, see our antique and vintage French luggage collection.