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Door Knockers

Knock-knock—it's Chairish's collection of vintage door knockers! Make a bold statement with a unique antique door knocker. Even though we live in the age of the doorbell, there’s just nothing like a good old-fashioned knock on the door. With much more style and flair, a door knocker says a lot about the home you’re about to walk into. From the simple traditional urn-shaped knocker to the majestic eagle knocker, there is something to fit everyone’s personality. A whimsical Hollywood Regency pineapple knocker might convey a more playful message, while an Art Deco lion head knocker could give off some seriously fancy vibes. Shell-shaped knockers are great to complement homes near the ocean (or those who wish they were). With the wide assortment of animal knockers, use one as a chance to show everyone what your spirit animal is. Or, if you’re feeling a bit cheeky, get a door knocker in the shape of a hand! While most door knockers are made of brass, some may use iron, nickel, bronze, or even chrome for an extra shiny finish. A one-of-a kind door knocker shows immense attention to detail that your guests will be sure to appreciate, and it’s a super easy way to incorporate a bit of vintage and antique if you’re not ready to commit to large pieces of furniture. But don’t just stop at there. Show your entryway some love and spice it up with some vintage door decorations like handles and doorstops!