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Asian Dining Tables


From ceramic ginger jars to bamboo furnishings, the West has borrowed from Eastern interior design for centuries. Our collection of Asian dining tables span from China and Japan in the East to India and Indonesia in the Southeast. As a quick primer of the various kinds of Asian interior styles, Japanese decor is typically minimalist and subdued, aiming to create a relaxing and serene home environment over anything else. Japanese dining tables include alterations of the chabudai, a traditional table with short legs, designed to be enjoyed while sitting on the floor. Modern adaptations will keep the basic shape of the chabudai but elevate the height so that it can be employed with chairs. Forever in vogue, Chinese dining tables are also a classic, and for good reason. Chinese square dining tables usually stand relatively high and showcase beautiful intricate wood carvings while Chinese round dining tables often stand on three legs and feature a layer of shiny lacquer. Other variations include the Chinese chow table from the Ming Dynasty, a table with legs that curve inward. Because of the country’s history and diversity of cultures, Indian furniture styles are varied and distinctive. But, if you’re looking for a dining table that’s long and low with a one-of-a-kind patina, look no further than our collection of Indian dining tables. Regardless of what type of Asian dining table you select, they’re sure to transmit a feeling of storied sophistication to your home.