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If you’re on the hunt for wood dining chairs that make a striking statement, you can’t do much better than rosewood dining chairs. Whether it’s a set of Chinese rosewood chairs showcasing subtle Ming influences or a set of illustrious Danish Modern chairs by a master like Finn Juhl, rosewood dining chairs will imbue your space with an unrivaled feeling of warmth and richness.

Radiant Rosewood Dining Chairs

Unlike mahogany, walnut, and cherry, which tend to be the most commonly used woods in furniture construction, rosewood is a bit rarer and often reserved for luxury designs. Consider vintage rosewood chairs if you’re looking for an alternative to teak Danish Modern dining chairs. Many Danish Modernists like Neils Otto, Kai Kristiansen, and Niels Koefoed produced their dining chairs designs in rosewood finishes as well as teak. Use Danish Modern rosewood chairs to cue up a Mid-Century Modern decor scheme in a palette of unexpectedly dark, saturated hues, or use them in conjunction with Mid-Century designs from South American designers like Percival Lafer who notoriously worked in rosewood as well. Try a set of Dyrlund rosewood dining chairs if you’re looking for a classic but retro design, or a set of Niels Koefoed trapezoid chairs if you’re on the hunt for something more atomic-inspired.

Chinese Rosewood Chairs and More

Rosewood’s wide availability throughout Asia has also made it a go-to wood for Chinese-style dining chairs. We carry pairs of classic horseshoe dining chairs if you prefer a barrel silhouette, or Chinese rosewood chairs with Parsons-like forms if you prefer something more linear and formal.

Questions & Answers

Do you carry rosewood rosewood dining chairs?
Rosewood, wood, and fabric are our most popular rosewood dining chair material types.
What are the shipping options for rosewood dining chairs?
Rosewood dining chairs can be shipped to you, and many can be picked up locally.
How many vintage rosewood dining chairs does Chairish have in stock?
We have 480+ vintage rosewood dining chairs in stock.
Which brand has the largest assortment of rosewood dining chairs at Chairish?
Arne Vodder is our most popular rosewood dining chair brand, with 20+ items in stock.
Does Chairish have rosewood dining chairs on sale?
Yes! We have 30+ rosewood dining chairs on sale.
What are some popular rosewood dining chair styles?
Popular rosewood dining chair styles are Mid-Century Modern, Danish Modern, and Scandinavian.