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A home, to you, feels lived in. That goes beyond the comfort every time you lean back into a sofa or chair to the finishes of each piece and how it’s being used. From the dining and living areas to your home office, use means few empty spaces and lots of detail, along with a clear sense of wear. What you’re thinking of has been described as “shabby chic” for the past few decades. Antiques and vintage pieces — which compose 85 percent of Chairish’s edited selection — emphasize this character and help bring your entire home to life.

What Makes a Shabby Chic Desk?

Your home office, computer room or work area is no different: You like a space to feel as if people live there, imparting aspects of themselves and their individuality. A shabby chic desk conveys this through softer colors, worn or distressed finishes and a lack of precision. What emerged as a reaction to ‘80s excess and sleekness persists as an artful form of coziness — familiarity, as if you’ve just returned to a place you’ve always known. Although new pieces, particularly those in a French country or Provincial style, suit this character, vintage and antique pieces, often mixed with newer, sometimes feminine-leaning accents, bring shabby chic décor to life. Sanded surfaces, perhaps deliberately so, or simply the passing of time highlight this character.

An Emporium of Vintage Style

Chairish loves vintage and antique furniture for two clear reasons. One, it celebrates and highlights past design trends and, in the present, creates an exploratory adventure that adds personality to your home. Secondly, incorporating vintage desks and other furnishings keeps them active — not gathering dust. Along with shedding light on their beauty, this approach encourages a more circular economy — one that’s also more sustainable long term.

If you’re shopping with such an aesthetic in mind, find shabby chic writing desks and more styles now among our expansive, curated selection.

Questions & Answers

What are the shipping options for shabby chic desks?
Shabby chic desks can be shipped to you, and many can be picked up locally.
What are some popular shabby chic desk styles?
Popular shabby chic desk styles are Shabby Chic, Contemporary, and Rustic.
Do you carry white shabby chic desks?
We have shabby chic desks in popular colors including white, brown, and tan.
Does Chairish have shabby chic desks on sale?
Yes! We have 10+ shabby chic desks on sale.
How many vintage shabby chic desks does Chairish have in stock?
We have 30+ vintage shabby chic desks in stock.
Which brand has the largest assortment of shabby chic desks at Chairish?
Drexel Heritage is our most popular shabby chic desk brand, with less than 10 items in stock.