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Meet: The curved desk. With smooth curves instead of straight edges, a curved desk can help to break up all the angles in a room that often make a space feel manufactured or stuffy. A more subtle cousin to the L-shaped desk, the curved desk can have many variations based on how tight or loose the curve is. One with a soft curve like a crescent moon can easily replace your standard executive desk and provide just a touch more surface area. Or, feel like you’re sitting at the center of a donut with a curved desk that has more of a semi-circle shape. For people that always have a lot on their plate, this desk offers much more working space. Seated at the center, you can easily turn around to each part of the desk to get what you need right where you need it. Larger versions of this latter shape can even accommodate two people. If you’re worried about it looking too much like a reception desk at the doctor’s office, adding personal touches like desk accessories can be transformational. For a whimsical alternative, we’ve seen some pretty cool curved desks in the shape of jelly beans that are great as a functional piece that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Whether you’re looking to project a strong image with a classic wood finish or trying out something more light-hearted and modern in acrylic or glass, a curved desk can help you stand out and make a statement.