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Church Benches

Now we all know that benches are some of the most functional pieces of furniture for the home, but let’s also show some love to the church pews, an elevated alternative to the classic bench seat. You’d be surprised at how perfectly vintage and antique church benches work in a variety of spaces. Anywhere that you might’ve considered putting a bench, from the entryway to the living room, you can use a church bench! One of our personal favorite places to use a bench is in the dining room. If you’ve got a rectangular dining table, consider placing a church bench along one side to maximize the number of seats available (especially ideal for children who don’t need as much space as an adult and are prone to running off during a meal). But what exactly is the difference between a basic bench and a church pew? Well, church pews are usually made of wood and have the added luxury of a back, so it’s a place where you can sit (or even lie) for longer periods of time in more comfort. Most church pews that you’ll find are vintage or antique, so they’ll have a unique, aged patina that adds depth and history to your space. You may find some with panels as armrests on either side, adding to the graceful lines and silhouettes of church pews. As for style, we love using a church bench in farmhouse chic and rustic aesthetics!