Blue and White Ginger Jars

New, Vintage and Antique Blue and White Ginger Jars


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Blue and White Ginger Jars

Classic and timeless, the blue and white ginger jar adds luxury to any table, mantle or shelf that requires decorative beauty. Among a sea of beautiful and unique room accents, blue and white jars have a distinctive charm that makes them a much sought after décor piece. We offer a wonderful array of these jars and most feature a captivating pattern inspired by Asian culture.

Use For Décor and Storage

Traditionally, the blue and white ginger jar served a specific purpose, and that was to store ginger and other valued Asian spices. Once their decorative beauty was discovered by other cultures, these jars exploded in popularity, and became instant collectibles. Blue and white decorative patterns are by far the most admired and you can find jars with these colors to use strictly as decorative accents or as décor and storage jars.

Find Various Sizes

Because of their outstanding beauty, many want to turn a classic ginger jar into a stunning vase. This often requires finding a large, oversized or extra-large blue and white ginger jar for a floral arrangement. We do have such jars among our selection, and you can often find one, or a set of two, depending on their availability.