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Rattan Bar Stools

Our selection of vintage rattan bar stools is unlike any other and we’re happy to curate a selection of stools that help you create the decorative vision you desire with vintage bar stools made from natural materials.

Rattan vs. Bamboo

Rattan has such beauty without needing to do much to alter it, and that’s a big part of its appeal when this material is used to make stools. When you are browsing this collection, keep in mind that rattan is a solid material, while bamboo is hollow. Styles vary, and you may find a mid-century rattan stool that also includes bamboo in the design and vice versa. If you’re looking for vintage bamboo bar stools, this collection also offers gorgeous stools made from this popular material. Both materials bring tropical style warmth to room or outdoor space.

Wonderful Wicker

There is much to admire about wicker bar stools, and you can easily recognize them by their distinctive woven pattern. Find wicker counter stools to go with a wicker style dry bar or with any bar or counter made of rattan, bamboo or wood.