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Bamboo Dressers

Bamboo dressers are back, and they’re here to stay. Add a touch of exotic influence with bamboo dressers for some vacation vibes in your room. With iconic names like Ficks Reed and Henry Link bringing in their own twists on bamboo furniture, the styles and designs are extremely diverse. A large bamboo armoire can be the statement piece of a room, while smaller chests of drawers can perfectly complement another texture. Tall bamboo chests can increase visual interest without taking up too much floor space. Outside the bedroom, bamboo consoles look great in hallways and dining rooms as stylish storage cabinets. The use of bamboo in dresser designs can be as little as just bamboo feet to as much as the whole dresser, including handles in place of hardware. A simple bamboo dresser might have just a bamboo frame with plain drawers, while others might take it to another level with additional rattan patterns. Although vintage bamboo dressers often maintain the natural tan of the bamboo, many are painted in a variety of colors to fit into different design schemes. Painted bamboo dresses are most commonly found in white, brightening up the room, while other colors like blue and green can make it more whimsical and exciting. Bamboo dressers have long been a favorite of designers to add a worldly touch to Hollywood Regency designs. In more modern settings, vintage bamboo dressers are the perfect way to achieve the relaxed, culture-filled Boho Chic aesthetic.