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Arc Floor Lamps

The vintage arc floor lamp has plenty of admirers who love its fusion of modern chicness and easy-going functionality. As popular as they are, finding styles that truly reflect a vintage aesthetic is relatively rare.

Wonderful Design Details

Fortunately, you have found a wonderful place to shop for an authentic Mid-century modern arc floor lamp that features all of those cool design details you admire about this lamp style. We may also feature a vintage modern chrome floor lamp from a late 20th century period. And if you enjoy the look of the Italian arc lamp, you may see some lamps like this among the many styles we offer.

Lots of Diversity

As you browse, you can see how many diverse styles are offered under the Mid-century arc lamp category. During its initial heyday, arc lamp designers were inspired by space age and futuristic themes, and they probably got some ideas from classic art deco, contemporary artists and interior designers who pioneered and promoted modern furnishings and accessories. Decades later, these lamps bring timeless contemporary charm to any modern room.