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H1 - The Ultimate Guide to Buying Vintage Furniture

H2 - The Ultimate Guide to Buying Vintage Furniture

H3 - The Ultimate Guide to Buying Vintage Furniture

For those who love coolly curated vintage interiors but wouldn’t attempt one without the Brooklynite equivalent of Cinderella’s fairy godmother, let us reassure you: mastering the vintage furniture mix is really a cinch. The key lies in knowing your personal style and meticulously balancing antique furniture with new. And while an editorialist eye is helpful, it’s certainly not a must. In fact, armed with a few helpful hints, decorating with used furniture begins to take on the fluidity of a visual language—one with plenty of brass and no annoying verbs to conjugate.

Subhead - Finding Your Personal Style

For those who are just starting out, consider this your guiltless pass: lose yourself down an Insta-rabbit hole. Yep, that’s right, dedicate a few hours to nothing but unabashed room-gazing. Pin what you like, skip what you don’t, and watch as your personal style begins to surface magic eight ball-style.

When you’re done, assess the findings. Did you fall for every last whitewashed interior with a sparse, Scandinavian vibe? Well, first off, style soulmate, and, second, try dissecting those photos you dog-eared. What are the elements you really love? Is it the egg white walls? The roughly tumbled bedding? That moody, dark oil portrait over the bed? Identify all the things you can’t get enough of, and ask yourself, can you see these vintage furniture pieces in your own abode? Hopefully the answer is yes, but if not, go back to your saved files and try to locate that blissed-out medium.

As you browse, also take note of the style combos that professional designers use. Mid-Century Modern and boho is a common formula, as is Art Deco and modern geometrics. Likewise, focus on how the pros mix secondhand furniture with new furniture. Do they use only vintage art to punctuate a room full of new finds, or is everything antique but the pillows? By being vigilant and bookmarking images of the antique furniture you love, you’ll create a guide book that’s easy to refer back to once you begin designing your own spaces.