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They don’t call it Charm City for nothing! When it comes to Baltimore style, a proud colonial heritage provides the basis for an eclectic mix of old and new. Shop vintage Baltimore furniture for a look that feels richly blue-blooded, but also possesses a hardy, nautical sensibility which we'll credit to the city’s heyday as an Eastern Seaboard port. Anchors away!

Steeped in the same stylistic tea as neighboring Boston, but with an aesthetic that’s a touch less scripted, Baltimore is all about American traditionalism. The city itself harbors a number of classic design icons, including a series of famed row houses and the architecturally stunning, six-tier Peabody Library in Mount Vernon. These style-savvy landmarks showcase the city’s intrinsic ties to its past—as does their furniture. From Queen Anne antiques to Mid-Century heirlooms, used Baltimore furniture has rightfully gained our allegiance.