If you hastily converted a dormant home office or storage closet into a workspace in the past few years, chances are you missed some corners. Take it from the pros, though — on those long, listless workdays, an intentionally-designed home office can be the perfect pick-me-up. If you’ve been procrastinating upgrading your personal workspace, it’s time to get down to business! Here, learn how to cue up an office primed for optimal productivity.

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Chauncey Boothby Interiors installed a custom built-in desk in this mint green home office. A Eames desk chair, desk lamp, and wall art finish the look
Design by Chauncey Boothby Interiors / Photo by Read McKendree

Light Bulb Moment

In a progressively paperless world, the majority of work entails staring at a computer screen all day. Hence, the right lighting is key to avoiding eye strain. Pairing flush overhead fixtures with task lighting like lamps will help combat screen headaches, in turn creating a more comfortable work environment. While artificial light is nice, nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a touch of Vitamin D. If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your office, station your desk within its radius. On chilly winter days, few things top spending a few hours at your desk, bathed in sun. In the spring or fall, crack open your window! Fresh air can inspire that a-ha moment, critical to solving out a difficult task.

Improve Your Workflow

Convert your humble workspace into a well-oiled machine by tailoring it to your unique needs. If you primarily work on your computer: less is more. For instance, paper weights, tape dispensers, and photo frames are fantastic desk accessories, but ultimately they’re space-taking nonessentials. Instead, consider desks with a built-in electrical outlet or organizers for managing cables and holding USB drives.

Consider yourself a visual thinker? When inspiration strikes, it’s important to put a pen to paper! Arrange pencil holders and desk sets on your work surface for quick access. Office decor ideas for work like calendars, organizers, and catchalls can also prove helpful.

Although often forgotten, taking intermissions is vital for productivity. Consider appointing a space for cat naps and unplugging sessions. A lounge chair is perhaps just as important as an ergonomic desk or office chair.

Create Character

Your home office isn’t a cramped cubicle or a crowded coffee shop — it’s a sanctuary that’s uniquely yours. Plants, picture frames, and books help personalize your home office, in turn encouraging more creativity and thinking. These little details may be just the thing you need to churn out your best work!

Lead image: Design by Neal Beckstedt Studio / Photo by Eric Piasecki


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August 2, 2022

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