Vintique is one of our most prolific sellers on Chairish, continually inspiring us with fresh vintage finds that leave us wondering, “where did you find that?!” Brandee Ransom, owner of the storefront, has a traditionally eclectic approach to gathering vintage items.

Small ornate, red side table with drawers from Vintique

Her specially curated items always include some kitschy pieces as well as a few stunners that really knock the vintage ball out of the park.

Hunting for a fun housewarming gift or just something to brighten up a room? Click on over to Vintique (we especially love this table), and keep reading here to learn more about Brandee’s process!

The team behind Vintique stand in an aisle of vintage books

1. What vintage item are people loving in Nashville?

I won’t lie. Selling exclusively online means we don’t have the best read on Nashville. But one thing that’s in high demand everywhere is books. It’s a shame that people don’t read books like they used to, but everyone has bookshelves.

2. What’s one thing most people don’t know about Nashville?

Nashville is a very diverse area, most folks think of the Country music scene, which it very much is. However, there is also a very progressive vibe in the city that is unexpected.

3. If you didn’t own your business, what would you do?

I don’t know that I am cut out for anything that isn’t this, but it would definitely be in the furniture design world.

4. You can’t live without your…


5. Design crush:

Marcel Breuer.

6. What’s the best design tip you’ve ever received?

Haha. John, our photographer always shouts “Plants! Best way to liven up a room is to put something living in it!”

7. The film whose aesthetic most closely resembles my store/inventory is…

“Jules Et Jim!” French, modern, and constantly changing.

8. What do you think is the best part about shopping vintage?

The unexpected! Running into things that aren’t typical. Things that you can’t just Google search and see a thousand of. When you’re designing with one of a kind product, what you end up with is something unique and your own.

August 10, 2015

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