Selling vintage furniture + thinking about interior design all day = happiness. It’s a simple equation, but for Kim Tanner it was the only solution to the age old question we all ask ourselves at some point: what do I want to do with my life? According to Kim, one day she asked herself this exact question, knowing that whatever she did, each day had to be filled with joyful, fulfilling work. That was that- Strangelovely was born.

Kim Tanner of Strangelovely poses in the store on a black and white chaise

Red laminate tray with vintage books and horse bookends

She opened up shop in 2011 in a space she shares with another gal you may have heard of on this very blog- Marianne of Savoy Flea. Now you might be thinking, what gives, aren’t those two competitors? Not quite. After meeting at the Chicago Vintage Bazaar, they became close friends and discussed how one huge obstacle every furniture collector must tackle is finding a space big enough to hold everything.

Leather tufted sofa with chest of drawers for sale at Strangelovely in Chicago

Realizing that they would have an easier time finding such a space together, they started the search as a team. Now they both have the space needed to sell and restore (Marianne specializes in paint refinishing, while Kim does the re-upholstering). Plus, who doesn’t love to work with a friend close by!? They can do everything from host events to gossip with each another under one roof, but as independent stores. So cool. Below, Kim talks shop and the single most important factor to consider when shopping for furniture if you live in Chicago.


Black rattan bar cart for sale at Strangelovely in Chicago

Brown and white patterned chaise for sale at Strangelovely in Chicago


Pair of colorfully painted ceramic vases for sale at Strangelovely in Chicago

Armchair with wood legs and cream leather upholstery for sale at Strangelovely in Chicago


Display of wicker chest and leather luggage for sale at Strangelovely in Chicago

Black leather sofa with colorful throw pillows for sale at Strangelovely in Chicago



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July 16, 2014

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