You know that saying, “great minds think alike?”  Well, I can’t help but to point out a trend I’ve noticed when it comes to the outstanding superstars we have been introducing you to as part of the Chairish city guides…

Wood shelves with woven textile and table lamps

The common thread, beyond the obvious level of commitment to home decor that compelled these folks to open a retail space, is a die-hard dedication to quality products. Enter Jarontiques, the Brooklyn Heights store run by the couple that rhymes, Jaron and Sharan. They stock mostly Mid-Century classics, but tend to “pepper” the store’s shelves with primitive and folk art to keep things fresh.

Shelves of assorted decor and table lamps for sale at Jarontiques

But going back to that quality control thing…one need look no further than Jaron’s work motto, which he credits to Florence Knoll and goes like this: “Good design is good business.” In other words, it’s easy to stand behind items that are well made and timeless- essentially works of art. So many of the retailers we collaborate with speak about the importance of craftsmanship and quality behind what they sell, and Jarontiques is no exception. It strikes Chairish gold in my heart to realize we’re all playing on the same team here!

Another recurring theme: stocking items that speak to the sellers on a personal level. At one point, Jaron explained how “we don’t just represent one decorating style; we curate objects that we love and think work together…it’s effortless to represent pieces you are passionarte about; it’s much more difficult to sell things that seem to appeal to the public but are of little personal interest.” Eloquently said!

Mid-century wood chair with woven orange textiles at Jarontiques

What touches me in the deepest part of my furniture and family-loving soul, however, is Jaron’s overwhelming passion for what he does. He speaks about the products he works with and his day-to-day work-life with a sense of awe and reverence that really leaves no question that opening this store was a calling he could do nothing but obey.

So without further ado, I’ll let him speak for himself! I must say, though, before I leave you, that Jaron absolutely nailed it with his definition of the “Brooklyn” look…



Oval gold-framed mirror and crystal decor at Jarontiques



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June 12, 2014

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