I learned about Danish Modern Noho over drinks with a well known LA-based blogger. It took about two (or maybe it was three) cocktails to get her to turn over the name but she finally gave it up!

Anna Brockway sits in an orange armchair with chrome base surrounded by midcentury furniture

Honestly, I can see her reluctance in revealing her source. This place is pretty exceptional. It’s one of those impeccable Meccas of Modernism that makes you go quiet.

Orange armchairs with midcentury wood credenza and glass coffee table

A father/son operation, the store has been open since 2000 but began focusing on mid-century modern in 2011 thanks to the influence of young John. Let’s call him the Boy Prince of LA Modernism as, at only 20, he’s read every book on mid-century modernism you can think of and is a wealth of information on creators and styles. Be sure to chat him up when you’re in town and check out what he’s selling on Chairish!

Average Price Points

$1500 – $2500

Cool Facts

John collects original Abercrombie & Fitch leather animal ottomans! He has two very rare (and dare I say super cute) pieces: a shaggy maned lion and a squishy seal.

Leather lion sculpture sits next to a yellow and chrome armchair

What to Expect

Pristinely restored mid-century pieces with immaculate upholstery and re-lacquering presented in a super clean and airy environment.

Key Trends

Both father and son see space age looks coming on strong and also Italian modern from the 80s. John loves furniture by Paul Evans and Milo Baughman but appreciates great looking non-branded pieces too!

Orange armchairs with midcentury wood credenza and glass coffee table


Two enormous Lightolier chandeliers sold to a collector. John missed them so much he actually bought the fixtures back a few months later. He is now willing to part with them—they are listed on Chairish—but only at the right price! Make him an offer. Who knows?  You might be able to sell them back to him too…

Fun Fact

Persimmon Orange/Red is their hands down favorite lacquer color. Check out this snappy campaign desk to see it in action! I use this hue a ton too as it plays well with almost every palette and just says, “Bammo!” A good design idea for the files!

Craziest Item

An Italian lucite dining room set originally owned by the widow of a prominent German scientist. After the scientist died, his wife my idol went on a major shopping spree throughout Italy and this dining set is one of her scores from the late ’80s! Very cool.

Happy snooping!



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May 6, 2014

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