Katie Taylor, the Austin-based blogger and decorator of Spray Paint & Chardonnay, takes us on a tour of Round Top, the bi-annual Texas vintage and antique furniture and decor fair. Round Top is known as one of the best fleas in the country, and we’re grateful to have had a true insider give us the ultimate tour. Katie, who describes her style as a mix of eclectic, country, and rock ‘n’ roll, is an expert of flea markets and antique sales. She has an eagle eye when it comes to spotting a piece with “good bones” that just needs a little love and polish to reach its full golden treasure potential.

Katie Taylor takes photo of herself in round mirror with gold painted carved frame.

Photo: Katie Taylor

What trends did you see while shopping Round Top?

Turkish rugs and batik pillows are always pretty prevalent at Round Top, but this year I felt like I saw more than ever! Beautifully dyed textiles and intricately woven carpets seemed to be everywhere. Vintage globes and brass decor were popular at most booths. Also, there were lots of natural elements like rustic wood pieces, antlers, and succulents — all great for fall!

Pile of patterned throw pillows on layered rugs with antique blue lamp
Katie Taylor standing on orange and red woven rug with geometric pattern

Photo: Katie Taylor

How do you approach a day shopping at Round Top?

I have to remind myself that I can’t do it all in one day. There’s so much to see at Round Top, that it definitely requires multiple days to see and do everything you want to. There’s also a lot walking involved (and in the heat!), so I feel like I also have to mentally and physically prepare for a long day of shopping!

Katie Taylor looking through shelves of trinkets at Round Top

Photo: Katie Taylor

How does shopping Round Top differ from shopping other flea markets?

The people and the atmosphere make a huge difference. Everyone’s so friendly and is there to have a good time—well, and shop. The Round Top show has built such a great reputation over the years, that merchants and shoppers alike travel from all over the country—and even the world—to see what it has to offer, making it one of the most diverse and desired vintage destinations in the country. Plus, the Texas scenery isn’t too shabby either.

Silver spoons and forks in wood holders with small potted succulents
distressed metal letters for sale at Round Top, the bi-annual Texas vintage and antique furniture and decor fair

Photo: Katie Taylor

What are three flea finds that are worth it right now?

1) Quality Mid-Century case goods (credenzas, sideboards, etc.)

2) Brass decor

3) Upholstered items with “good bones.”

Katie Taylor looks at globes in crowded shop at Round Top

Photo: Katie Taylor

Do you always haggle when buying?

Most every time I’ll ask a dealer if they’re able to do better than the listed price or ask if they’d take a lower price, but there are times that the price is so good, there’s no need to haggle.

What tips would you like others to know about shopping fleas or specifically Round Top?

You never know what deals you can get if you don’t ask. And always have cash. Dealers are more likely to come down on price if you can offer them cash on the spot.

Another tip, keep an open mind and try to see past the dirt and rust. However, if you’re not up for a “project,” you might want to skip the items that will require a little more elbow grease.

Lastly, wear the right shoes! Some of the fields are dirty, dusty, and un-level. Flat boots or tennis shoes will be your best friends at the end of a long day of shopping!

Vintage rolling bar and cheetah sculpture for sale at Round Top

Photo: Katie Taylor

What is your vintage shopping motto?

“If it makes you happy, get it.” I sometimes lose my sense of practicality when I’m vintage shopping, but if it’s something I love, I know I’ll eventually find the perfect place for it—even if I don’t have a place for it at the moment.

Katie Taylor poses with brass fish sculpture at Round Top

Photo: Katie Taylor

What is your favorite vintage piece that you’ve found at Round Top?

I would have to say my vintage brass trunk I scored last fall at Marburger Farms. I had been on the hunt for one for almost a year, and found the perfect one at a steal!

Katie Taylor poses with taxidermy peacock and wall-mounted zebra head
Katie Taylor poses with her mom in the parking lot outside Round Top

Photo: Katie Taylor (here shopping with her mom)

Thank you, Katie, for giving us the inside scoop on Round Top 2015! 

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October 12, 2015

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