With warmer weather finally arriving, it’s a perfect time to brighten up your outdoor spaces with colorful new furnishings, cheery accents, and of course, some must-have vintage pieces. 2020 has taught us to make our homes a sanctuary (and an office, a school, a restaurant… the list goes on), so we’re focusing on ways to freshen our outdoor spots. And whether it’s a backyard, a terrace, an apartment balcony, or just an open window and a dream, there’s something in our Summer Outdoor Showcase for everyone.

Below, browse seven iconic design trends we’re seeing pop up in every beach umbrella, wicker chair, and colorful pillow that’s out there. And be sure to watch the recording of our Summer Outdoor Showcase live session, featuring Chairish co-founder Anna Brockway, our podcast host Michael Boodro, and Margot Shaw, founder of Flower magazine, as they discuss what’s new outdoors.

Photo: Douglas Friedman

New England Summer

The Vineyard, the Cape… only Nantucket needs a proper name to know where you’re talking about. There’s maybe no place so closely associated with summer-y Americana than New England, with Cape Cod-style homes, clambakes, and the Kennedys. The palette here embraces a classic yet sophisticated red-white-and-blue and features plenty of picnic pieces, loungers, and nautical-inspired elements. 

Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson / OTTO

Palm Beach Refined

Forget the punchy, colorful Floridian style (for just a moment — promise we’ll get there soon). The Palm Beach Refined style embraces Neoclassicism with clean lines and a more restrained color palette (white, taupe, gray, mint). It’s almost like Art Deco meeting a touch of ancient Greek architecture transported to Florida—now that’s old money.

Design by Lindsey Lane. Photo: Brantley Photography.

Palm Beach Pattern

Now here’s the Palm Beach palette we all know and love—thank you, Lilly Pulitzer. The Queen of Prep is our Virgil here, guiding us through every level of showy 60s-style glam with exuberance and whimsy. The style’s still sophisticated and preppy, designed to make guests smile. As Lilly said, “not always sunny, but always in a sunny state of mind.”

Photo: Slim Aarons, “Giacomo Montegazza,” January 1, 1983, Getty Images Gallery Art Print

Beach Holiday, Italian Style

Embrace your inner Lord Byron and transport yourself to the Amalfi Coast (well… stylistically), with a beach getaway as only the Italians can do it. Incorporate plenty of lemon yellow, beige, and white, alongside sophisticated stripes, pottery, and classic terracotta. Even if you can’t bring the picnic to Positano right now, you can always bring Positano to the picnic.

Photo: Taylor Simpson

Palm Springs Modern

There’s maybe nowhere on earth that truly says Midcentury like Palm Springs, and that’s precisely what we adore about it. Citrus-colored furnishings refresh you like sorbet in the summer heat: Expect plenty of limes, lemons, and peach shades, alongside all the curvy, groovy furniture you can handle. Nights are spent alongside a geometric firepit, with oversized cushions and a round of retro cocktails in highball glasses.

Photo: William Waldron / OTTO

Island Oasis

The joyfulness of the sun-soaked Bahamas comes to life in this style, which is all about bright days spent surrounded by shades of pink, white, and baby blue. Count on seeing plenty of pineapple motifs everywhere from serving plates to table lamps, alongside Chinese Chippendale chairs and more rattan and wicker than you can… well… shake a stick at.

Design: Betsy Burnham. Photo: Sarah Dorio.

Relaxed California Villa

It’s where coastal California meets the Italian coastline… style-wise, of course. Imagine overgrown bougainvillea, vine-covered stucco, languorous late dinners, and plenty of white wine on hot days. The al fresco vibe here is all about casual elegance and California cool, with block prints, wicker pieces, and terracotta.

June 4, 2020

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