Excerpted from the third issue of Chairish’s magazine, Magazinish

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There’s nothing like the thrill of the hunt and that feeling of striking gold. As an avid scavenger of vintage finds, Naomi Elizée, an editor at Vogue and host of the podcast “So…What Do You Do Again?”, found a coveted Roly Poly chair on Chairish. We talked to her about her search, as well as the circular economy of furniture at large.

How did you find this Roly Poly chair you bought on Chairish, and what made you choose it?

I was actively looking for a chair for my closet space, and I’ve always admired the Roly Poly chair. I saw a Roly Poly chair on the internet and I immediately went to go look on Chairish, and of course I found the one I wanted right away. I put in an offer that day and got it on the spot. It complements the area so well—it’s perfect.

In what room are you using it?

The Roly Poly chair is actually in my closet! I’m turning my closet into a little office. I’m going to accessorize it with a little table and make it into a place where I can hang out. In New York, a closet becomes a getaway space!

Why do you love shopping vintage? And how does sustainability factor into your choices of new products vs. vintage finds?

I love vintage shopping because you can easily find something that isn’t in other people’s houses or apartments. With Instagram culture, everyone’s living spaces are starting to look the same. Buying vintage can completely shift the global demand for the overproduction of furniture and we can turn towards more special finds. I absolutely adore my Roly Poly chair and Mario Bellini table. Also the environmental impact is so important and such a great added bonus—not to mention you get way more bang for your buck. 

September 22, 2021

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