Meet the 9 Up-and-Coming Artists Joining the Chairish Artist Collective!

It’s that time again! We’re unleashing a whole new class of artists to our Chairish Artist Collective. Meet the nine newcomers and discover why we’re crushing on their work!


Allison Cosmos

Home Base: Garden Grove, CA
Medium: Acrylic and watercolor
Signature Subject: Flora and fauna with a Chinoiserie bent
Why We Love Her Work: It’s impossible not to feel transported to a steamy, equatorial location by Allison’s dreamy bird and palm frond-dotted landscapes. Allison’s laser-liked attention to detail (she credits old school field guides as her muse) ensures that each piece fully immerses the viewer. Equally enticing is the balmy, pastel palette which lends Allison’s pieces an air of retro cool.

Surface Ceramics

Home Base: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Medium: Clay
Signature Subject:
A baker’s dozen
Why We Love Her Work: We love that Liv Antonecchia, the ceramicist behind Surface Ceramics, is finally giving the humble donut (and a myriad of other pastries) their well-deserved due. In addition to being insanely cute, we love that her work is just right for the kitchen. Whether you pop these sweet treats on the wall or utilize them as tabletop decor, it’s impossible not to be enchanted by them!

Michael Doyle

Home Base: Seattle, Washington
Medium: Acrylic
Signature Subject:
Nostalgic objects and scenes that conjure up the world of pillbox hats and 5-o’clock martinis
Why We Love His Work: Storybook vibes permeate Michael Doyle’s artwork. Inspired by his hometown of Seattle as well as vintage hallmarks, Michael’s work incites pure wonder. His simple illustrative style makes his prints simple enough to hang just about anywhere, too.

Lynne Millar

Home Base: Tracy, California
Medium: Oil and acrylic
Signature Subject: Summer’s bounty (i.e. pretty blooms and juicy fruits)
Why We Love Her Work: You can’t help but be absorbed into Lynne Millar’s softly-lit, color-soaked world. Thanks to inspiration ripped straight from the California hillsides, Lynne’s artwork is a literal manifestation of pure joy. Her florals are prime for the bedroom and living room, while her fruit pics are prefect for the kitchen.

Logan Ledford

Home Base: New Orleans, Louisiana
Medium: Oil and acrylic
Signature Subject: In Logan’s own words:controlled chaos”
Why We Love Her Work: There’s something incredibly hypnotic about Logan Ledford’s work. Perfect shapes receive a touch of the imperfect, courtesy of Logan’s deft hand. The result is bold graphic artwork with a cerebral twist. We’re also majorly in love with Logan’s pitch-perfect color choices.

Kimberly Moore

Home Base: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Signature Subject: Abstracts that make you go “oh, wow”
Medium: Acrylic, oil, gesso, pastel, charcoal (we could go on…)
Why We Love Her Work: Not only is Kimberly’s approach to her work creative, it’s also philosophical: “The process of layering colors and mediums is similar to the experiences we have throughout our lives,” she says. Kimberly also frequently works in large scale, lending her work yet another compelling dimension.

They Make Art

Home Base: Orlando, Florida
Medium: Acrylic
Signature Subject: Fruits, flowers, teacups, and vintage frocks (Basically, your dream tea party, in a nutshell)
Why We Love Their Work: In March 2016, husband and wife Debbie and Brian Miller made a pact to paint a picture a day. What started as an attempt to live more presently has since turned into over 950 paintings and counting! In addition to being self-described “art-making besties,” Debbie and Brians’ works are the perfect complements to each other. Both feature bright colors, subtle abstraction, and plenty of joie de vivre.

VK Sculpture

Home Base: Vineland, New Jersey
Medium: Metal
Signature Subject: Geometric totems
Why We Love His Work: If you have sculpture garden aspirations, VK Sculpture is for you. The man behind the art, Vadim Kharchenko, is a self-taught artist who works exclusively with metal. In addition to possessing major graphic appeal, Vadim’s sculptures have a graceful quality which endears them to even the biggest modernist critics. 

Chloe Hedden

Home Base: Moab, Utah
Medium: Mixed-Media (You’ll find her using everything from acrylic to linen to wood)
Signature Subject: Petals, folds, edges and ripples
Why We Love Her Work: Chloe Hedden’s Utah desert upbringing is readily apparent in her work, which showcases rock-like forms and close-up depictions of desert-friendly florals. “As an artist, I look for the unseen patterns and hidden narratives that reveal the magnificence in all things,” says Chloe. Thanks to her fearless use of color, Chloe brings those often-missed details to the forefront. We also love that she has options for both 2D and 3D lovers.


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October 17, 2018

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