Colored appliances? Open floor plans? If you’ve been considering a design upgrade and could use a second (designer) opinion, you’re in luck! We’re back with our latest installment of Love It or Hate It, the tell-all game in which top designers weigh in on today’s hottest design trends. Held at this year’s LCDQ LEGENDS and hosted by the Chairish’s own Anna Brockway, this year’s killer panel included Bobby Berk, Nate Berkus, Jeremiah Brent, Leanne Ford, Mary McDonald, Robert Rufino, and Nathan Turner. Ahead, discover the trends these A-list designers loved, hated, and occasionally felt just “meh” about.

Audience at LCDQ LEGENDS hosted by Anna Brockway prepping their paddle game.
The audience prepping their paddle game.
Chairish co-founder Anna Brockway and Nate Berkus at LCDQ LEGENDS.
Chairish co-founder Anna Brockway and Nate Berkus.
Audience at LCDQ LEGENDS waits for panel discussion featuring top designers to begin.
A packed house!
Nathan Turner, Chairish co-founder Anna Brockway, and Jeremiah Brent at LCDQ LEGENDS.
Designer Nathan Turner (left), Chairish’s Anna Brockway (center), and designer Jeremiah Brent (right)
Bobby Berk, Mary McDonald, and Nathan Turner during panel discussion at LCDQ LEGENDS.
Bobby Berk (left), Mary McDonald (center), Nathan Turner (right)

Most Designers Loved:

Mismatched Dining Chairs: 6 Love, 1 Hate

“I don’t mind when the head chairs are different.” —Nate Berkus

Monogramming: 6 Love, 1 Hate

“I used to hate monogramming until Nate and the babies. It’s cute with the kids’ initials on it.” —Jeremiah Brent

“Now we aspire to be like nice southern ladies. I’m like, ‘Make it bigger! Make it more scrolly!'” —Nate Berkus

Tufted Headboards: 6 Love, 1 Hate

“It feels like a coffin.” —Robert Rufino

“Maybe that’s what’s so comforting to me about them.” —Nathan Turner

Tassels & Fringe: 6 Love, 1 Hate

“Not in my home, but as earrings it’s great.” —Bobby Berk

Jeremiah Brent on a panel at LCDQ LEGENDS showing his "love" paddle.
Designer Jeremiah Brent
Leanne Ford speaking on a panel at LCDQ LEGENDS about hot design trends.
Designer Leanne Ford

Designers Were Divided On:

Ceiling Fans: 5 Love, 2 Hate

“Well, I’ve never not taken the ceiling fan down, even in rentals. Because you can buy a fan on a stand that you bring that out for a couple of days.” —Leanne Ford

Colored Appliances: 5 Love, 2 Hate

“I would stick with the colored blender.” —Jeremiah Brent

“I think they are pretty if it’s a pretty blue. I’m going to get sick of it, but it’s pretty.” —Mary McDonald

Pleated Lampshades: 5 Love, 2 Hate

“I love them. I like pattern-on-pattern and bringing in a pattern on the pleated lampshade and putting a little trim around it or a tassel.” —Nathan Turner

Open Floor Plans: 5 Love, 2 Hate

“People think they have to do it when they buy a house, and I don’t think that’s true at all. It depends on your lifestyle. I mean, I like proper rooms and I think that’s great to move through rooms— (to Jeremiah) we both like that a lot — but for some people it’s not practical at all with young kids running around. But that instinct right now of blowing out the entire first floor just so you can have an open floor plan—and everyone’s putting in a beam—I don’t think that’s forever.” —Nate Berkus

Terrazzo: 5 Love, 2 Hate

“It’s so annoying to install. It takes so long to do it correctly and it looks like an airport.” —Nate Berkus

“It does look like an airport, and I was just in Dallas and there was a series of light blue, dark blue, medium blue and white. Who’s from Dallas? Don’t you like your airport with the terrazzo blue floors?” —Mary McDonald

Scenic Wallpaper: 5 Love, 2 Hate

“I think it’s so classic and timeless. I think of homes that I’ve been to where it’s original and it’s been on the walls for a hundred something years and it looks even better.” —Nathan Turner

“I think that it gets dated real fast.” —Leanne Ford

Nate Berkus laughs while putting up his "hate" paddle during trend game at LCDQ LEGENDS.
Designer Nate Berkus
Queer Eye's Bobby Berk puts up his hate paddle while discussing taxidermy at LCDQ LEGENDS.
Designer Bobby Berk

Most Designers Hated:

Taxidermy: 3 Love, 4 Hate

“I don’t like having all of Snow White’s friends on the wall.” – Bobby Berk

Balloon Shades: 3 Love, 4 Hate

“We would have done it in our daughter’s room if Jer would have let us. I think that there’s something charming about it with the D. Porthault sheets and all that business, but he always talks me off a ledge and I’m like, oh, yeah, that’s much nicer looking.” – Nate Berkus

“Well there’s all different styles. There’s really weird saloon-looking ones. And I like them!” —Mary McDonald

Acrylic Furniture: 3 Love, 4 Hate

I hate it so much. It’s always dirty and it scratches. I don’t like it in furniture and I don’t like it in a heel.” —Jeremiah Brent

“I love it in the right situation.” —Bobby Berk

Nathan Turner chats with audience member after the panel at LCDQ LEGENDS.
Nathan Turner chats with an audience member post-panel.
Robert Rufino embraces Nate Berkus before the panel at LCDQ LEGENDS.
House Beautiful’s Robert Rufino greets Nate Berkus pre-show.
Brady Tolbert of Bobby Berk in the audience of panel discussion at LCDQ LEGENDS.
Brady Tolbert of Bobby Berk was among those spotted in the audience.
Leanne Ford holds up her "hate" paddle during panel at LCDQ LEGENDS.
Designer Leanne Ford.

All photos by Marisa Vitale


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May 14, 2019

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