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This week, we’re profiling Los Angeles-based interior designer Lily Spindle who was on the hunt for a vintage coffee table, rich with character and history. Read on to learn more about her search, what makes vintage “gorgeous and surprising,” and her to die for dream pieces. Check out Lily’s Chairish profile, which is chock full of vintage finds and her lively, free-flowing interior designs. And while you’re at it, check out some of the one-of-a-kind coffee tables available on Chairish too!

What Chairish item did you buy that you’d like to share a story about? 

A 1960s Lane Acclaim coffee table

In what room did you use it in? 

Living room

In a few words, how would you describe your interior design style?

Joyful, layered, and grounded

How did you find the item you bought on Chairish, and what made you choose it? Did you have a specific search or were you just browsing?

We were looking for a vintage coffee table for our client in Marina del Rey—something decidedly smaller than the enormous table she owned, which, in turn, echoed the enormity of her sofa and accent chairs. Since we’re redoing everything in her living room, all pieces needed to scale down to complement one another. And Lane is such a timeless classic, we knew it would fit the bill perfectly! 

Did you know where you’d put this piece in your home when you bought it, or did you figure you’d find the right spot?

We knew it would be amazing for our project! And, if not, for some unforeseen reason, we’d definitely find a spot for it elsewhere. It’s such a wonderful piece, with gorgeous character, and the proportions are such that it can function as either a coffee table or bench.

Why do you love shopping vintage? And how does sustainability factor into your choices of new products vs. vintage finds?

Vintage pieces are the BEST! They’re unique and strange, gorgeous and surprising. We love hunting for and procuring vintage finds for our own homes, as well as for our clients’ spaces because they add such integral layers of distinction, atmosphere, and intimacy to interiors. On top of that, fewer people in the world have owned that piece, making it even more coveted and cool. And, not to mention, we’re not adding to environmental destruction by chronically buying from big box stores and websites. 

Are there any dream vintage or antique pieces you wish you could have?

Nakashima Conoid Dining Table and six Conoid dining chairs. An original Adrian Pearsall Boomerang Sofa. A Marco Zanuso Lady Chair.


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November 3, 2021

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