A new project from LDa Architecture & Interiors grounds its distinctly contemporary design in the ancient Hindu architectural principles. Called Vastu Shastra, the complex Hindu system of design prioritizes geometry and arrangement of space, emphasizing themes like symmetry, function, and nature. Respectfully reinterpreting these themes through the lens of contemporary New England design, LDa relied on Vastu Shastra methodology to design the home in a grid pattern with central and peripheral zones, and position each space relative to the direction of the sun. 

Explore the following slides to tour the unique, contemporary home.

  • Exterior of updated New England home with elegant playground structures

    Vastu Shastra often depends on a grid pattern to segregate different spaces of the household. The designers chose a nine-grid pattern for the family of three, with a double-height living room serving as the central square. The kitchen, entryway, temple, staircase area, guest bedroom, dining room, playroom, and family room occupy the 8 grids encircling the living room on the first floor. Several bedrooms are spread out across three grids on either side of the upper floor underneath the gables. Spacious windows at each corner allow the interior and exterior environments to flow into each other, while the wood materials of the exterior, including clapboard and battens, seem to belong to the landscape.


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April 12, 2019

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