Heads up! Textile wall art has taken the world of design by storm, and it’s not backing off anytime soon. Knit, crocheted, and woven textiles and tapestries offer a unique and approachable twist on classic art forms. They’re a phenomenal way to add depth to your home, with a variety of textures, shapes, and color schemes. Best of all, there are some fairly inexpensive options and if you’ve got a crafty hand, you can take a shot at making them yourself! To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve rounded up five different textile styles to try!

Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson / OTTO

Woven Tapestries

Woven tapestries can sometimes get a bad rep as the college student’s dorm decor of choice, but when styled right, woven tapestries can actually be a super chic addition to any area of the home. To stave off any freshman try vibes, look for quality tapestries with patterns that fit your aesthetic. Boho tapestries aren’t the only option! Minimalist quilts, for instance, can make show-stopping wall hangings, and let’s not forget traditional verdue tapestries for those craving visual interest aplenty. Pro tip: Masking a wall with a large tapestry can risk making a room feel closed off and small. Instead, try a group of smaller coordinating tapestries.

Knits / Crochet

You might think of knits as a cold weather special, reserved for cozying up sofa and the foots of beds come November, but a knit or crocheted wall hanging can actually make a space look both textural and airy. The key to making knits and crochets feel fitting for any time of year? Keep your pieces on the small side, as large pieces can easily weigh down a room. Hang a crochet or knit piece over a nightstand, side table, or even a short credenza, while avoiding the urge to string one up over a larger piece of furniture like a bed or dining table. The latter options would likely require larger pieces that would visually overwhelm. Also, keep your eyes peeled for pieces that showcase a multitude of stitch techniques and textures, which can also prevent a piece from skewing old fashioned.

Embroidered Panel Hung on a Wall Magenta


Embroidery has been making a sneaky comeback lately, with modern-day crafters taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to traditional designs (i.e. Victorian-era idioms are being swapped for plucky quotes with a side of sass). Despite the change in tone, these next-gen embroidery pieces are ideal for displaying in small spaces, such as a bathroom or an abbreviated alcove wall. For those who love the 3D appeal of embroidery, but crave a bit more subtly, embroidered panels hailing from locales across the globe can be another fantastic way to try out the look.


If you have eyes for a smaller Turkish or Persian rug, but you’re all set when it comes to the bathmat and doormat departments: hang it up on the wall! While it may sound a bit unconventional at first, hanging a rug on a wall can provide a high impact punch of pattern on par with any of the textile options above. A rug can also be a great backdrop for a gallery wall. Overlay a rug with framed paintings or prints to create visual cohesion among small frames. Just like an area rug on the floor can really tie the whole room together, it works the same way on the wall. To keep the look feeling purposeful, consider a rug with a bit of fringe, which can read a bit softer and tapestry-like than a cut and bound edge. For even more tips on hanging a rug on a wall, check out our tutorial here!


With its ropey tassels capable of mimicking lace work and monochromatic off-white hue, macramé is a slam dunk for adding texture to a room without commanding max attention. Depending on the specific piece you choose, macramé wall hangings can be just the ticket for procuring free wheelin’ bohemian vibes or a cool and sleek modern art look. Since macramé does tend to be monochromatic, it’s among your best bets when looking for a textile option to fill a large space. Use a macramé hanging over a bed (sans headboard if you wish), sofa, or even a dining table.

Lead photo by Stephen Kent Johnson / OTTO

August 16, 2019

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