7 Entertaining Essentials Every Host Should Have

Every great host has an arsenal of hardworking, key pieces at the ready. But that deep bench of entertaining goodness didn’t happen overnight. They stocked up! There are certain items that are quintessential to hosting with ease, be it a big bash or a petite shindig, and when you spot one, you should always them snap up. Check out our list to see if you’re ready, and remember, be prepared to pounce!


1. Revere Bowls

Dips, nuts, a sophisticated way to present potato chips or popcorn, you name it and these bowls can do it with style. The sloping sides and footed base of this American classic (name after Paul himself and usually rendered in silver) make them truly timeless. Get a few sizes and you’re good to go.

2. Cake Stands

Every meal deserves a sweet end, and a proper cake stand (extra points for a dome) brings a sense of occasion to the table. Even if your party is potluck-style, what guest wouldn’t love to see their dessert offering presented on a pedestal? Hosting kudos to you!

3. Serving Utensils

Why are there never enough serving spoons?!? Having a few sets of these bad boys will help you rest easy that no matter the number of mains, side dishes and salads that show up, each will get its very own serving utensil. Most are sold in spoon and fork sets, but a complete suite with cake knife and server will undoubtedly come in handy.

Photography by Emily Scott @EmtheGem

4. Trays & Platters

These guys really are a host’s best friend, since they encourage guest to help themselves, or allow for that big ta-da moment at the table. Investing in a mixture of shapes, sizes, and even materials, will ensure you can always find the perfect mate for what you’re looking to put out there.

5. Cheese Knives

Whether your cheese plate offering includes multiple artisanal selections or a hefty hunk of cheddar and some Triscuits (no judgment here), cheese knives will give the spread a considered feel. Either a set, or a group of your favorite standalone singles, means multiple guests can dive in at once.

6. Champagne Bucket

Champagne isn’t the only thing that needs to be chilled! Keeping a guest’s offering of white wine or rosé on ice shows you truly appreciate the gesture. Even when they’re not chillin’ (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves), these big daddies are great for holding off-duty serving utensils or as a vase for an oversized flower arrangement.

7. Linens & Napkins

If you know an avid entertainer, there’s a fairly good chance somewhere they’re hiding an overstuffed closet or drawer, bursting at the seams with table linens. You can never have enough and you always need options. Nuff said.



Lead photo by John Merkl

December 12, 2017

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