Guest bedrooms present an opportunity to pamper your friends and family. Whether you’re hosting your parents or having your closest pals over for a staycation, show your company you care with comfortable, high-quality bedding. If you’re currently prepping for visitors, here’s how to guarantee a five-star bedding review!

In this Lee Street residence, Found Design Studio layered on white bedding, standard pillows, Euro pillows, and a body pillow for maximum comfort. Two nightstands, shade wall sconces, and a piece of art add personality.
Design by Found Design Studio / Photo by Brittany Ambridge

Layer Up

Whether you naturally run hot or prefer sleeping under a pile of blankets, everybody has their personal Goldilocks bed. To account for all of your guests’ needs, layer bedding to provide ample options. Cotton top and flat sheets are soft and lightweight — perfect for summer sleepovers. If you’re aiming to cue up bedding that’ll rival the Ritz, consider sumptuous Egyptian cotton or percale sheets. Percale is woven using a one-over, one-under process, resulting in a crisp and light bedsheet that’s just right for warm-blooded visitors. Also, take caution against polyester or nylon sheets. They aren’t as breathable and therefore tend to trap heat.

To accommodate company that’s always cold, stack on the comforters! A simple one-two punch composed of a fluffy duvet paired with a thick quilt is sure to please even your most chill-prone guests.

In this Wade Hampton guest bedroom, Dodson Interiors put white bedding and a white bedskirt with blue lumbar pillow on top of this grey upholstered bed frame. Two black lacquered nightstands and tall blue lamps bring in more color
Design by Dodson Interiors / Photo by Nathan Schroder

Hello Pillows!

In the same way that piling on more bedding options panders to a broader range of guests, packing in plenty of pillows ensures your guests will find the perfect fit. For twin guest bedroom beds, use two standard pillows, and for queen or king beds, use four. Switching up the sizes and weights of these pillows will give your company options. Also, consider using pillow protectors. They’re allergen-resistant and provide a buffer against makeup or face creams.

Rather than loads of decorative pillows — which your guests may not appreciate having to peel back every night — consider smaller, more utilitarian pieces like bolster and lumbar pillows. They add design intrigue, take up minimal space, and are useful for sitting up in bed.

Creative Tonic Design used an embroidered green bed set on this green velvet upholstered bedframe. A yellow lamp and gold bamboo nightstand are in arm's reach
Design by Creative Tonic Design / Photo by Julie Soefer

Hospitable Home

Although sophisticated, a stark, all-white guest interior may read more hotel room than intimate abode. To stave off any such connotations add warm, personable touches that’ll make your callers feel at ease. A stylish blanket or throw will bring in warm character and that forever-crucial tactile design element. Bed skirts are also classic guest bed additions. They dress up simple bed frames and evoke a charming, traditional B&B appearance.

In this 1910 row house, Twelve Chairs Interiors used a white bed set with blue grey trim. Tan Euro pillows and lumbar pillows add color, while a blue upholstered bed frame and blue walls envelop the space. A mauve nightstand with gold handles
Design by Twelve Chairs Interiors / Photo by Joyelle West

It’s The Little Things That Count

Also, while the right bedding will ensure a comfy experience, thoughtful touches are what turn a room into a resort. Outfit a nightstand or welcome basket with essentials like chargers and toiletries (extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and more). Have a couple of beauty and skincare samples lying around the house? Why not add them into the mix too? A tray filled with tea bags, an electric kettle, or a carafe filled with water are other considerate details. Having a room spray or linen spray handy is also never a bad idea. Trash cans, reading material, slippers — all these little details make guests feel at home!

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Lead image design by Creative Tonic Design / Photo by Julie Soefer


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August 1, 2022

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