No matter its size, the front porch is usually the first part of your home that guests encounter. With this in mind, your front porch should be every bit as inviting and stylish as you are! Keep reading for some quick tips on how to transform your front porch into an eye-catching oasis.


Manicured Plants

One of the most simple ways to jazz up a front porch is with plants. Since the front porch already serves as a transitional area in your home, incorporating a plethora of plants is a great way to add interest and color. (Bonus points if you use eclectic planters and plant stands to display them!) If gardening isn’t your speed, invest in low-care succulents or indoor-outdoor plants like snake plants or rubber plants. They only need a few minutes of care every few months to stay fresh!

Thoughtful Lighting

Another design aspect to keep in mind when designing your dream front porch is lighting! If your porch is large enough to accommodate seating, such as a rocker outdoor chair or two, then a well-lit space is a must. Explore ornate wall sconces, durable porch chandeliers, and even outdoor floor lamps. In fact, all three can work in unison to create a soft, yet brightly-lit space perfect for catching up with family or friends.

Playful Seating

Lastly, a well-decorated front porch can be a great place to relax, which means seating is a must. Consider investing in playful seating that’s as fun as it is comfortable. With functional seating you can roost outside for hours chatting, reading, or simply soaking up the sun! A charming rocker outdoor chair, bench, or porch swing are all great options for mixing up your outdoor seating and elevating the overall atmosphere of your front porch.

Lead photo courtesy of BarnesVanze Architects / Photo by Anice Hoachlander


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July 10, 2022

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