When it comes to decorating the mantel, candlesticks are a classic. In addition to creating visual intrigue, they also provide height. This makes them perfect for balancing out smaller-scale mantel decor. If you’re thinking of incorporating candlesticks into your mantel decor, but you’re not sure what style to pick, we’re here to help! Read on for a rundown of the most classic candlestick options out there!

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Brass Antique Candlesticks

Brass’s warmth makes it a good option for mantels where you want a soft glow. Depending on what candlesticks you select, they can also skew traditional or ultra-modern. Brass candlesticks are the most prevalent option on the market, and they’re easy to source in a wide array of styles, ranging from gothic to Belle Epoque to Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern. Opt for a simple pair of bamboo brass candlesticks for a modest look, or try a pair of Ystad’s brass “lily” candles for something a bit more sculptural. For more detail, consider brass antique candlesticks with twisted barley stems, turned spindle stems, or stylized floral stems. Crave something more stylized? It’s realatively easy to procure Mid-Century brass candlesticks in shapes like palm trees, pineapples, reindeer, and more. 

Silver Antique Candlesticks

Compared to brass designs, silver candleholders are cooler in color. As a rule, they also trend more traditional in design, though modernist chrome designs are widely available. Use silver candelabras to deck a mantel in classic style. For something more modernist, choose silver candleholders designed by Danish designers and brands like Dansk and Jens Quistgaard. Generally, silver candlesticks aren’t as figural as brass designs. If you’re looking for playful shapes like lotus and dragons, brass is likely to be the better bet. If you’re open to acrylic, however, there are a wide range of acrylic candle holders that incorporate silver accents. Dorothy Thorpe “pretzel” candle sticks are perhaps among some of the most famous. Consider these options if you’re looking to give your mantel and eclectic, retro, or vintage feel. 

Design by Eclectic Home New Orleans / Photo by Sara Essex Bradley


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May 15, 2022

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