We’re back with a new guest tastemaker for some quick-fire questions and a mini-curation of some fab Chairish finds!

This week, we are featuring East Coast-based interior designer Byron Risdon. A lifelong lover of design, Byron can recall purchasing house plan magazines as a child, and dreaming up his own original floor plans. After many years working as a designer in New York City, he launched his own design firm in Washington D.C, where he seeks to break the boundaries of style limitations, to craft spaces that evoke strong feelings and radiate positive vibes.

Join us as he dishes the innovative changes he’s made to his office during quarantine, and his signature strategy to creating timeless design.

What kind of design additions or changes have you made to your home since quarantine began?
I completely converted my guest room into a fully functional office/design studio. Before, I worked from a small desk and often even used my dining table. But I now have two work stations, and an island for laying out design schemes.

Photo Courtesy of Byron Risdon

What is the coolest vintage piece in your house?
My coolest piece is a mid century hutch in my bathroom. It’s actually lived a couple of different lives. I bought it on Ebay about 8 years ago for $200. It was then used in my tiny New York apartment as a cupboard. It now holds towels, linens, and other bath essentials.

Photo Courtesy of Byron Risdon

Do you collect anything? What sparked your interest in collecting that item?
I collect marble obelisks. I’ve had one for a while that I got when I lived in NYC. After I moved to DC, I thought it would be a nice ode to the monument, and place it prominently on my coffee table. It looked lonely, so I began to collect others. And now they all live together on top of an etagere used as a bar.

What is the coolest design element you’ve ever incorporated into a space?
In order to hide a TV, we used a pull down screen that doubles as artwork. It gives the feel of a nod to a schoolhouse chart while also allowing you to look at something beautiful.

What do you find is the key to creating a space that is both modern and timeless?
I find the key to creating modern and timeless spaces is balance. The modern elements can be found in essentials such as upholstery and technology while the timeless pieces can be found in the details such as accessories, lighting, and window treatments.


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March 5, 2021

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