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With a new year here, there’s never been a better time to de-clutter your Insta-feed and say hello to some compelling new content. So, to save you a trip down the proverbial rabbit hole, we’ve rounded up seven Instagramming interior designers who are seriously shutting it down on the inspiration front. From an L.A. design firm cultivating a dreamy, desert-toned feed to a Seattle-based designer whose personal pics have us completely bewitched, these are the interior designer Instagrams that you NEED to be following in 2018.


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Shaun Smith

We can’t help but be won over by New Orleans-based interior designer Shaun Smith’s ebullient feed, which features a mix of his most eye-catching projects and outtakes from his Southern-centric life (which includes none other than a Woodie wagon and a pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)! Those who love Southern style with a twist will fall especially hard for Shaun’s ‘grams, thanks to his keen eye for composition, color, and a well-placed oil portrait.


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30 Collins

L.A.-based design firm 30Collins brings their trademark, upscale-minimalist aesthetic to their Instagram, where they post a mix of completed and in-progress projects, along with inspirational, wanderlust-inducing images. 2018 is posed to be a big year for 30Collins, who’s been selected by Sunset Magazine to furnish their 2018 Ideas House, located in 30Collins’s Palm Springs-stomping grounds. If their Instagram is any indication, the house, which will be unveiled in April, is likely to showcase an earth-washed palette and understated glamour, but you’d best follow along to make sure—this firm is known for curve balls!

Ashe + Leandro

A well-stocked portfolio flush with eyeful rooms designed for celebs like Naomi Watts and Seth Meyers means that New York-based Ashe + Leandro’s Insta feed is all brawn, no filler. Virtually every post showcases the duo’s minimal, but cozy magazine-ready rooms, or sneak peaks of their new bespoke product. Ariel Ashe, a former Late Night Set designer and Reinaldo Leandro, a Venezuelan-born architect, formed their firm in 2008, but are really hitting their stride, as two consecutive appearances on the AD100 list cooly attest to.

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

In 2017, designers Tara Mangini & Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co. made headlines for their unique approach to design projects (which involves moving into clients’ homes), and their ultra-cozy approach to farmhouse style. Thanks to their Instagram, you can now keep tabs on the duo wherever they go (they keep their locale updated in their bio) and get access to their never-ending scroll of beautifully-designed rooms (seriously, you’ll feel like you got a high-end home mag for free!). Best of all, Tara’s captions are witty and insightful, offering that coveted behind-the-scenes feel.

The Archers

The Los Angeles-based firm The Archers is known for their just-this-side of bohemian interiors that feel like juicy throwbacks to the Eames era. Their precise eye for design extends to their Instagram, where they post a mix of portfolio highlights and ovation-worthy museum archive shots (think: a line of Bauhaus tea pots, a series of cubist paintings by Le Corbusier, or the interiors of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kropp House). Proving that good design is in their DNA, the Archers also post everything in triptychs. Make that three good reasons to hit “follow” now!

Katie Hackworth

Seattle provides the crystalline background for interior designer Katie Hackworth’s feed, which is filled with snaps of her in-utero projects (like this gorgeous Arch Digest-featured home) and her too-adorable-for-words family and pets (warning: a hedgehog is part of the brood!). The best part is, is that whether she’s photographing her napping pup or a recently-completed cottage-style kitchen, Katie never breaks aesthetic. Every photo is steeped in color and cinematic lighting, lending it a spellbinding feel. We literally want every photo she posts framed on our walls A.S.A.P.

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Follow Hall of Fame: Miles Redd

With 2018 shaping up to be a very maximalist year, it felt only right to call out Instagram aboriginal, Miles Redd. If you’re already a Miles follower then you know the major league designer is all about concocting an editorial-feeling feed that immerses you in riotous pattern and electrifying color (he frequently goes monochromatic with his posts). As for newcomers, brace yourselfit’s a wildly fun ride! Even if you aren’t looking for maximalist style tips, Miles’s captions induce serious LOLs, making the follow majorly worth it.


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