As 2019 comes to an end, we’re making time to reflect on the good and bad design decisions of the 2010s. To start: bold wallcoverings have come back in a big way, as have electric touches of fuchsia, and more designers are softening the borders between indoor and outdoor spaces. Bright, open spaces bathed in light neutrals or bursting with lush, colorful accents are becoming the norm across social media. However, as Steve Somogyi of Steve + Filip Design Inc. reminds us, heavy fabrics like brocade likewise had their moment in the sun this past decade—opposing the trend toward airy, Instagrammable interiors. “We loved it for a second, but got over it real quick,” says Somogyi. Here, we talk with seven interior designers and one architect about the trends that inspired them this past decade, and the ones they hope to never see again.

  • Modern living room with solid, black coffee table and open wall to an outdoor sitting area

    BEST: Indoor/Outdoor Living Rooms

    Above Image: The living room here opens up to a luxurious patio area. 

    "Extending the living space and square footage of a home is more important now than ever. More and more, we are drawn to the outdoors. Exterior living space should feel inviting and seamlessly blend with the interior, creating an organic extension of the house. There are so many beautiful options for outdoor furniture and fabrics today — just 10 years ago the selection of outdoor fabrics was so limited, but now we have endless possibilities. It’s exciting!"

    — Jeffrey Alan Marks, Jeffrey Alan Marks Inc.

    Design by Jeffrey Alan Marks Inc.


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December 11, 2019

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