Ashley Tisdale may be best known as an actor, but she’s also a recording artist, entrepreneur, and — yes — a devoted design lover. How devoted? She lives for decorating every new home she and her husband Christopher French move into. And there have been several (with a personal dedication to Spanish-style homes in particular). For Tisdale, it runs in the family: her father Mike Tisdale is a contractor with a thriving business, so creating dream homes is something of an inherited skill.

With another move on the way and new baby Jupiter Iris just arrived, Ashley Tisdale is staying busy these days. To make room for all her new furnishings — as well as some baby shower gifts, we’re guessing — she is selling some of her favorite pieces on Chairish. Below, browse some of Ashley’s selections and learn more about the inspirations behind her style, her favorite design icons, and how she’s decorating the nursery.

First and foremost, how would you describe your personal style when it comes to interiors?

My personal style changes. I like to let the house speak to me, so with each house I’ve done something a little different with the interior design. The through line is that I’m obsessed with Spanish-style homes, so that never changes. 

What are some of your decorating must-haves? What are some elements that find their way into every home that you own?

Antique rugs. I am OBSESSED with rugs! It completely changes everything. 

This may be an odd question, but what’s your favorite thing about the moving process? You’ve renovated and moved into a few different homes… What’s your favorite thing about living somewhere new and redesigning?

The moving process is not easy, however I do like the purging. I love cleaning out things we don’t need that tend to pile up over the years. We are pretty lucky because in every home we’ve sold, the buyers have purchased most of the furniture, which makes it easy to develop a design for the new home. I think I just love creating, however I do like to keep my favorite pieces and see how they come to life in a different way in the new house. 

Tell us a bit about some of the pieces that you’re selling on Chairish… What are some of your favorite items in the lot?

I mean, I love every piece… the rose gold sofa you would never believe is Restoration Hardware, but with custom upholstery it makes it look so vintage though it’s still very comfortable. I also love the Nickey Kehoe wicker set. The custom mirror I have had multiple people try to buy from me but I couldn’t let it go… honestly, it’s still hard to let it go but it just isn’t the style of our new home. 

What kinds of pieces attract your eye when it comes to vintage and antique shopping? Are there particular eras of design or types of furnishings that you really love?

I love rustic pieces. No matter what kind of design you have — whether it’s modern or new — I think it’s important to add some rustic pieces to bring some age to a place. 

Are there any dream items or iconic pieces of design you’d love to have for your home?

I actually just purchased the first expensive piece I’ve ever owned, which is a Mario Bellini sofa. That was a dream item for a while.

Any tips on putting together a really special nursery? And have you invested in baby-proof fabrics for your sofas and chairs?

I wanted her room to be different, so as much as I grabbed inspo from Pinterest, I kind of did my own thing. There are pieces in there that aren’t found at a baby store. Vintage pieces like a side table and bench that add a little sophistication to the room. I have not invested in baby-proof fabrics, however I did get a leather sofa for the TV room off of the kitchen. Even though the sofa is new, a beat-up leather couch always ages well! 

Lastly, what are five wishlist items that you’ve seen lately on Chairish?

Right now I’m loving this cast resin side table; these France & Son lounge chairs; this sculpted walnut dining table; this vintage French bistro table; and this brass Deco side table.

Photo of Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French by Monica Wang


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April 9, 2021

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