Let me just describe a problem you’re so likely to have: you’ve just purchased a house abutting the dunes of the ultra-chic Hamptons shoreline, but oh gosh! You need to find some authentic vintage pieces to give the space some flair and to mix in with your DWR/Restoration Hardware. And oh gosh, you’re hosting a summer cocktail party in a few days to reveal your new digs and want it looking fresh-to-death in time. What do you do?

Antique furniture including brass bookshelf for sale at Stellar Union

Well, what you do is scurry over to Stellar Union in Southampton to pick up a retro-fabulous green velvet barrel chair or a few Italian glass lamps in shades of sunshine yellow and sky blue to make your space really pop! Lucky for you, the Hamptons is home to William Shefferine and Sheila White, so they can come to the rescue in moments like this with a store that stands out from the numerous Early American antique stores that are more abundant in the famed Hampton’s town.

Midcentury wood accent chair with green velvet cushions for sale at Stellar union

William Shefferine and Sheila White pose on yellow and gray striped couch

mid century wood and glass coffee table with wood bookshelf and assorted vases

The pair believe in making spaces special by mixing the old with the new, and fear-not a style mash-up of say, Deco and Mid-Century Modern or Italian antique and 90’s Mod. They also know that Hamptons (and by proxy, NYC) shoppers dig the eco-conscious aspect of shopping at a store like Stellar Union, as they are recycling and doing their part to prevent the need for chopping down trees to construct something brand new. With their appreciation for things that harken back to bygone eras, it’s no surprise to hear they are Game Of Thrones fans and would like to live during the time when what is arguably the birthplace of the modern home occured. Read on…




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July 30, 2014

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