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Wicker Dressers

Looking for a chic, sturdy dresser that will never go out of style? Allow us to introduce you to the ultimate in timeless splendor: the wicker dresser. Sturdy yet light, a wicker dresser is perfect for people who have a knack for switching up their spaces every once in awhile. In a world full of solid wood dressers, wicker dressers feel uniquely special, making them perfect for those looking to add an eclectic or whimsical note to their space. Pop one into a bedroom with a metal canopy bed or slipcovered sofa and voila, you have a super romantic-o getaway in no time flat. Additionally, a wicker dresser is a sustainable piece of furniture, meaning that if you’re all about the reduce, reuse, recycle shebang, wicker is main squeeze material. Bonus! Wicker furniture is extremely durable, meaning a wicker dresser’s a piece you won’t be running out to replace in just a few years. Crazy as it may seem, if cared for correctly, a wicker dresser is heirloom material. From coastal bungalows to cozy English cottages, wicker dressers are a style chameleon as well. Look for white wicker dressers to play up seaside vibes, and wicker dressers in washed finishes or traditional wood finishes to add a pop of proper English spunk. Love the texture of a wicker dresser but looking for something a smidge less traditional? Try giving bamboo dressers a whirl.